Mr Yardarm. Boise 

Paul. P. running the river

Limnology Boise

Greg M. 

central california

salt-free test pilot, craftsman and crazed local. paul p.

over the frozen river and through the woods...

good to the last drop


parking lots

620–740 nm

Lewis and Clark and Victor.

minus the breadcrumbs

in search of surf and souls. oregon coast. victor

the lot

the gate

Greg M. breakfast at funhouse.


northern cal

morning jog

south swell norcal

offshore winds, saltwater rain.
gato OB

the natural number. OB


RR the shapeshifter. 

600 miles from the sea

native peoples

John S. P.O.P glider pilot.

last days of the devil winds

winters end.

sundays paroles. NorCal.

Gato on a sendero luminoso

an ivory billed woodpecker

through the Higgs field

matt. justin. OB

the fu.OB

RK's sled on loan. NorCal.

Rowfu. OB.

Rowfu. OB.

AS. central america

see level 

JS. central america morning.


RK's sled on loan in Central America.